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UNEATLANTICO International Office

The ORI (Universidad Europea del Atlántico International Office) is responsible for the University’s overall international activities, including recruitment, student exchanges and setting up partnerships with universities and other organizations.





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We offer an outstanding learning environment that fulfills their academic ambitions, intellectual passions, and desire to experience cultural diversity at its richest.

Enjoy Santander!

Santander it is a quiet and safe city with a long tradition of diverse cultural events such as art exhibits, conferences, concerts, theatre, dance, etc.

Academic excellence

Our philosophy of work is focused in a practical way to ensure that the graduate can adapt themselves to the employment world as soon as their educational process is completed

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Two Translation and Interpretation students begin their academic term in the University West, Sweden
24 Jan 2017
Two Translation and Interpretation students from the European University of the Atlantic have just begun their academic…
Students from eleven nationalities feature a video which emphasizes UNEATLANTICO’s international nature
20 Jan 2017
Foreign students, which represent the different countries of origin in the European University of the Atlantic community…
The pre-enrollment period is opened for 2017-2018 academic year in all programs offered by UNEATLANTICO
11 Jan 2017
The European University of the Atlantic already started the pre-enrollment period for the 2017-2018 academic year. Stude…
FUNIBER grants accommodation scholarships to UNEATLANTICO students that stay in the campus residence
09 Jan 2017
The Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) approves a scholarship program for national and foreign students who…
Maurizio Battino is acknowledged as one of the most influential researchers in the world for the second consecutive year
05 Dec 2016
Maurizio Battino, Scientific Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the European University of the Atla…
UNEATLANTICO takes part in the BuitenlandBeurs University fair in the Dutch city of Utrecht
28 Nov 2016
The European University of the Atlantic has participated in De BuitenlandBeurs University fair specialized in studi…
UNEATLANTICO’s representative in Gabon visits the Santander campus
24 Nov 2016
The representative of the European University of the Atlantic in Gabon (Africa), Eugénie Eyeang, h…
The European University of the Atlantic is now part of the Erasmus program
08 Nov 2016
The International Relations Office of the European University of the Atlantic has informed this morning that the Europea…