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Santander is a city in northern Spain, belonging to the autonomous region of Cantabria, bathed by the sea and in close proximity to the mountains as well. It is a quiet and safe city with a population of approximately two hundred thousand inhabitants.

It is a city with a long tradition of diverse cultural events such as art exhibits, conferences, concerts, theatre, dance, etc.

It is also a city related to the world of sports, such as football, handball, athletics, and swimming competitions. There are numerous sailing competitions on the city’s bay and there is also a remarkable passion for Cantabrian bowling, a native sport of rural origin. There is also a golf course with a spectacular view of the coast. Cantabria is a seaport, yet is only an hour´s drive from the highest mountain peaks reaching more than 2,000 meters of altitude. This makes the region ideal for those who wish to practice both ocean and mountain sports.

The city is well connected by highways to the neighboring cities of Bilbao, Oviedo and Burgos, as well as by train to the capital of Spain. The Severiano Ballesteros international airport also offers numerous daily flights to Madrid, Barcelona and some European capitals such as London or Rome.

Santander and its lifestyle are very attractive for university students, because distances are short and the cost of living is less expensive than in most European countries. Easy access to all of the city’s opportunities and resources make Santander an ideal place to enjoy a study abroad experience.