Spain is known for its active, dynamic, and vibrant atmosphere.  People are gregarious, outgoing, and welcome newcomers into their lives with pleasure.

Holly Smith has this to say about studying in Spain: (some text has been modified)

REASON #1:  The weather


Situated in southern Europe, Spain is a country with an endless summer and a place where people don’t quite know what to do when it rains. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s the perfect place to escape from the grey skies and drizzle that plague northern countries and to soak up some vitamin D.  Even though the south is considered to have the better weather, the north can be very surprising, with temperatures that never dip below ten degrees in winter.  [IN CANTABRIA THE WEATHER CAN BE COOL AND RAINY, BUT THE SUNNY DAYS ARE BRILLIANT!  NO COLD, NOR HOT EXTREMES LIKE IN THE REST OF SPAIN!]

REASON #2:  Travel


Spain is the third largest country in Europe, and while that might sound rather daunting to a prospective international student – just think about the amount of places you can visit.

Whether you want to travel north to south or east to west, transport within Spain is cheap and fast. You can even try it the popular local way and car share; you’ll be surprised at how many people travel here!

If one country isn’t enough for you, airlines such as Ryanair and Vueling have inexpensive flights all year round to the rest of Europe, so that you can appease the travel bug inside you. If you’re also looking to explore another continent, Spain is regarded as the gateway to Africa, with ferries and flights leaving every day to Morocco.

REASON #3:  Diverse landscape

landscape3 landscape1

With miles of hot, white, sandy beaches and blue seas there’s no question as to why many foreigners choose to spend their holidays stretched out soaking up the sun. But that’s not all that Spain has to offer. From the ski slopes of the Pyrenees to the ancient, white washed villages of Granada, there’s somewhere for everyone to feel at home.  Travel throughout the country, visit small towns, provincial capitals, and out-of-the-way places to experience the ‘real’ Spain.

REASON #4:  Sports

deporte1 deporte2

Football dominates the Iberian Peninsula.  FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla; the list of world-class teams goes on. La Liga, Spain’s football league, even rivals that of the English Premier League and tickets to see games can be found at reasonable prices. Did you know that in 2015, the Spanish national basketball team won the European Championship? Played by both men and women, this is a hugely popular sport and if you study in Spain you’ll be able to catch a great game in many cities.

REASON #5:  Festivals and fun

festivalydiversion3 festivalydiversion2

Life in Spain sometimes seems like one big fiesta; and no one throws a fiesta like the Spanish. From seeing the bulls run in Pamplona, to a city lit up in flames for Las Fallas in Valencia, to throwing tomatoes in Buñol, it’s a country that impresses the world. Parades, carnivals and bonfires happen in every single town and city throughout the year

REASON #6: Architecture

arq2 arq1

From the Romans to the modern day, Spain’s architecture is incomparable to anywhere else. Barcelona is dotted with Gaudi’s famous designs, while Granada boasts the great Moorish fortress, the Alhambra. Visit a mosque from 1000 years ago one day and then the next step inside some of the most incredible cathedrals in Europe.  The history of this country really comes alive in its impressive design.

REASON #7:  Big cities, small cities, and small towns


Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville: they’re the big four and it’s for a reason. Each city has its own personality and they will all enthrall you with their various foods, architecture, and culture. These are the most popular bucket-list cities, but don’t forget about the smaller ones too. Santander, Malaga, Toledo, and Santiago de Compostela are just a few more extraordinary places with intriguing traditions that shouldn’t be looked over if you’re planning a trip! And don´t forget the small towns…the list is endless…

REASON #8:  Siesta

siesta sol1

There aren’t many countries that put time aside in the day to nap, but Spain is not like many other countries. While university classes generally don’t stop for the afternoon siesta, many shops and businesses do. So if you’re fortunate enough to avoid having class in the afternoon, then you have full, guilt-free reign of a three hour siesta.

REASON #9:  Food and Wine

vinoyjamon tapas

It’s the secret to anyone’s heart, and Spain knows how to do it well. Picture yourself settling down after a day of lectures with your friends, drinking world class wine (affordably) and tucking into plates of tapas. Cheese, ham, bravas, tortilla, shrimp, squid, rice dishes…each región has its specialities.  Try them all!

But it’s not just restaurant food that will give you the best flavours. Spain produces some of the freshest, most colourful and tastiest fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, oranges, and aubergine.

REASON #10:  Language

lenguaje1 lenguage2

An estimated 559 million people speak Spanish across the world. By choosing to study in Spain, you have the chance to be a part of one of the fastest growing languages on the globe. Not only will this give you a great advantage in your future career, but you will also be able to communicate with people almost anywhere in the world – giving you a whole new outlook on travelling. Give Spanish a try and let the culture and traditions of this diverse country envelop you.

If you are still not convinced…here are some more reasons!